Sponsored Artists

The 62: Re-Bicycling
The 62: Andrei Kallaur, Hubert McCabe, Matthew McGuinness and Morgan Sheasby, a graphic design collective, restored discarded bicycles in collaboration with South Bronx teenagers to explore issues of transportation, environmental waste, empowerment, love, loss, food, art and design.

Maya Churi: Forest Grove
Forest Grove is a narrative driven web project about a boy who swims across his gated community. Inspired by John Cheever's The Swimmer, this project explores the architecture of manufactured communities by aligning them with the architecture of dynamic storytelling.

Alison Cornyn: Food For Thoughts?
Food For Thoughts® is an installation/mini-market where visitors/shoppers equipped with handheld devices outfitted with barcode scanners discover what they support when they make a purchase. This model store reveals what is hidden behind the label of a product and empowers a consumer to make enlightened choices.

Chris Doyle: The Dream House Project
The Dream House Project is a video project exploring the conceptual and physical manifestations of the "dream house" and presents the ways that the culture of any location shapes these ideas.

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