The Arts Initiative for International Justice

The Arts Initiative for International Justice is a program of Conjunction Arts that aims to connect socially and politically engaged artists to professionals working in the fields of advocacy, policy, and diplomacy. It supports artists that address the complexity of international accountability and explores the potential of artists to enrich public conversations that are both personal and civic in nature with the goal of influencing policy. 

The Arts Initiative grew out of a partnership between Conjunction Arts and the Coalition for the International Criminal Court, which hosted artist Bradley McCallum during a unique, year-long residency to define the core principles of the Arts Initiative and support the development of McCallum’s Weights and Measures, a body of portraiture examining international trials that explores the experience of both defendants and communities affected by mass atrocities.


For the next year, the Arts Initiative will focus on the international tour of Weights and Measures by Bradley McCallum as its pilot project. The tour will launch in July 2016 at the Atrium City Hall in The Hague, Netherlands to coincide with the dedication of the ICC's new Permanent Premises. 

Portraits from the series also featured in the internationally travelling exhibition Post Conflict, a group exhibition curated by Bradley McCallum that included work by Ai Weiwei, Alfredo Jaar, Richard Mosse, Jenny Holzer, Pieter Hugo, Lana Mesic, Adam Pendleton, Daapo Reo, and Creative Court’s selection of African cartoonists. Kinz + Tillou Fine Arts in Brooklyn hosted the exhibition from November, 2014 to February, 2015 and Nichido Contemporary Art in Tokyo hosted it from March to May, 2015. The exhibitions provided forums for public conversations and audience engagement with major figures, including:

  • Song Sang-hyun, former President of the ICC
  • Motoo Noguchi, Chairman of the ICC Trust Fund for Victims
  • William Pace, Convener of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court in New York
  • Christopher “Kip” Hale, Senior Counsel at the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights
  • Richard Dicker, Director of Human Rights Watch International Justice Program
  • Stephen Rapp, U.S. Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes
  • David Clements, Director of Chambers Fine Arts
  • Rabiaâ Benlahbib, Founding Director of Creative Court in the Netherlands
  • Laurie Cumbo, Brooklyn District Representative
  • Ken Thompson, Brooklyn District Attorney

We continue to foster alliances with the City University of New York School of Law, the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights, and other strategic institutions in the United States and the Netherlands. As the Arts Initiative grows, we will continue to find innovative ways to deepen the exchange between artists and leaders in the fields of international justice and human rights.